I have always loved goats! They were my favorite animal when my family visited petting zoos growing up. It was a dream to have one of my own. When I found out that our 4-H group had a goat club I begged my parents to let me join and just have one goat to show for 4-H. They finally gave in and my dream became reality. My very first goat, Chaos, was bought in March 2003. I loved taking care of him but he was lonely staying in the barn alone and would repeatedly jump a fence that was about five and a half feet tall just to get to me. It was decided that Chaos needed a friend so that's what I did. Not only did I buy him one friend, but two, Skittles and Big Red.


I enjoyed showing these three goats all summer. I learned that if I kept raising and showing goats, then I wanted to purchase some does that I could have produce babies for me to raise myself and show. I bought five commercial does and went from there. After talking to several different goat producers and not being completely satisfied with the quality of my kids born from these does I decided to go all in and purchase some higher quality does to hopefully help improve my herd.


With the assistance from Leon Werner, Kenwood Farms, Sunman, IN and Lillian Kinsey, Lily’s Wildwood Boers, Sadieville, KY, I got a start with good genetics and my love of raising and showing fullblood Boers began.


I have been in the goat business for nearly ten years. I have come a long way and have established a consistent herd. With the use of artificial insemination and using does that stretch back to most of my original stock, I am able to build my herd and make progress every show season. My herd contains long, feminine does that are producing a more competitive show herd for me year after year.